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Manual Chucks

  • Quality manual self-centering scroll chucks
  • Quality cast iron & steel bodied. (Higher max. R.P.M. with steel bodied chucks)
  • Available with hard inside & hard outside jaws or cross-tenon type hard master base jaws & “bolt-on” compatible cross-tenon type hard reversible top jaws
  • Plain recess mounting rear mounting (tapped holes in the rear face) or plain recess mounting front mounting (drilled holes right through the body & counterbored bolt holes in the front face)
  • 2, 3 4 & 6 jaw versions
  • Direct machine tool spindle nose mounting chucks (spindle nose mounting is integral with the chuck body)
  • Indirect machine tool spindle nose mounting chucks (plain recess mounting chuck with spindle nose mounting adaptor plate)
  • Most standard machine tool spindle nose types & sizes catered for
  • Griptru chucks available in three & six jaw versions. The front body of these chucks can be re-aligned in relation to the machine tool spindle using three micro-adjusting screws and the component can be trued to within 0.005mm. The chuck will grip subsequent workpieces of the same diameter with an accuracy of within 0.013mm. For optimum accuracy (if required) each component can be trued. If you want to use one of these chucks as a normal self-centering scroll chuck, this can be achieved by simply centring the front body and ignoring the micro-adjustment feature
  • Setrite chucks available in three & six jaw versions. Similar in concept to the Griptru with the same accuracies but all steel construction & only offered with cross-tenon type hard master base jaws & hard reversible top jaws
  • Lever operated scroll chucks designed specifically for use on small precision machines such as watchmakers’ lathes, glassworking lathes, light grinding machines, engraving machines & for other similar applications. Since the design is without gearing the grip is limited but this facilitates the holding of fragile or easily deformable components
  • Four jaw independent chucks (each of the four jaws can be moved independently) – still considered the most economical equipment for turning one off and small batches of components – especially those of irregular shape or where there are especially high accuracy requirements. Quality steel & cast iron bodied versions. Hard one-piece or two-piece jaw versions
  • 3 & 4 Jaw combination chucks (self-centering & independent chuck in one)
  • Manual chucks with wedge bar system. Jaws interchangeable with wedge bar system power chucks. Angled serrated base jaws and straight serrated base jaws







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