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  • Sagop RP80 vices with a general precision of 0.01mm.
  • Swivel base available as an optional extra.
  • Supplied as standard with plain smooth hardened jaw plates.
  • Non-guided moving jaw makes these vices suitable for holding both rough & finished workpieces. (Guided moving jaw versions available upon request).
  • Suitable vices for fastening to tee-slotted machine tool beds.
  • The following accessories available upon request:-
    Side clamps & tee-nuts
    Centering blocks (tenons)
    Smooth soft jaw plates.
    Cross serrated hard jaw plates.
    Horizontal & vertical hard jaw plates.
    Smooth stepped hard jaw plates.
    Smooth standard hard jaw plates.


Smooth Soft & Hard Jaw Plates

Horizontal & Vertical Hard Jaw Plates

Smooth Stepped Hard Jaw Plates

Cross Serrated Hard Jaw Plates

Side Clamps

Centering Blocks (Tenons)


Especially designed for particular clamping applications, the RP80 vice range has been completed with 4 modular elements:-

  •    1         Long base with centering link
  •    2         Mobile jaw element
  •    3         Single fix jaw element
  •    4         Double fix jaw element

Long Base & Centering Link

The long base is made of the same materials as the machine vices. Its design, of a given type, is identical to the design of the corresponding machine vice.

The centering link allows the connection between the long base and the machine vice. Sunken into the grooves of the machine table, the centering link supports the traction forces.

Mobile Jaw Element

Consisting of a long base, a mobile jaw element and a standard anchor post of a RP80 vice.

Single Fix Jaw

Consists of a base, plus a standard fix jaw element. This jaw element can be bolted to the base in 2 positions, because of the 2 ground grooves in the base.

Double Fix Jaw

Consists of a base plus a double fix jaw with 2 floating jaws. This jaw element can also be bolted to the base in 2 positions, because of the 2 ground grooves in the base.

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